Eurostairs double stairs are made for professional, intensive use. Made of aluminum, perfectly finished. The combination of quality and the composition, both welded and seamed, ensures that you will enjoy the Eurostairs double staircase for years to come.

This staircase has extra wide steps of 100 mm and the anti-slip step caps. The stepladder has a unique folding mechanism, which ensures that the ladder is easy to fold and prevents your fingers from getting trapped. Another big plus is that the stepladders are coated. You will no longer get dirty hands while doing odd jobs. The coating also has a dirt-repellent effect, making the stairs last longer in use.

  • Professional use

  • Complies with EN-131

  • Complies with NEN2428




The double staircases are available in several versions. The smallest double staircase has a storage length of 0.60 metres, while the largest has a storage length of no less than 3.30 metres.

The double stairs are supplied with a bracket as standard. You can easily mount the bracket yourself. For professional use, brackets are required by law from 2×2 steps.

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